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Coach - Speaker - Author - HR Consultant - Corporate Trainer

The Facts

La Doc is a bilingual professional with over 15 years of experience in the human resource arena including expertise in coaching, stress and wellness, conflict resolution, leadership development, employee engagement, motivation, and emotional intelligence.


The Fun:

She's got that whole purpose driven, warrior princess, rule the world type vibe. La Doc has been through life's toughest battles and has come out a winner. She has tools to share that can help you succeed no matter what life brings. She is also know to leave a little sparkle wherever she goes and can teach you to do the same.


The Mission:

For individuals: She is here to lift you up, support you and provide you tools for success. 

For businesses: A strategic partner to train, empower and support your greatest asset - Your people!

Whether in person, online or by phone you will be treated with the utmost care & respect.

Check out what people are saying below or find out for yourself... give her a call today!


“She has proven to be a valuable partner and highly respected professional... I highly recommend her, she is a professional with whom you can share and entrust your career goals with."


—  Alina, Director of Client Services

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