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"La Doc"

Concepcion L. Tuma

Picture of La Doc - Connie with her hair up wearing glasses

Creative. Lively. Passionate.

That's me!

A passionate Latina, mother, business leader and coach with more than fifteen year's experience in human resources, leadership and personal & professional development.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge from her experience in academic and corporate sections, she helps others envision their dreams and helps set a path to make them reality.

She is constantly changing, learning and teaching and she lives her motto: Create.Live.Triumph on a daily basis.

Being a mom and a business owner is hard, and she has learned that one cannot to do it alone, that's why she created CLT so that she could be there for you!


By sharing her expertise she hopes to empower others to believe that all things are possible so that they too can  Create.Live.Triumph in all aspects of their life.

Past Partners


Having mentors, partnerships & strategic alliances are important to success, you don't need to do it alone... that's why you have me!

La Doc!

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